Education Tips

Parent involvement is vital to student achievement and personal success.

According to research, the most accurate predictor of a student's achievement in school is not income or social status, but the extent to which that student's family reflects these best practices:

As a parent or caregiver, no one cares more about your child's education than you. Get involved in your child's education at home. Here are a few more tips that may be useful to you:

Health & Wellness Tips

Students learn most effectively when their bodies are healthy and strong, their minds focused and ready to learn. Click here for tips on preparing for your child’s next doctor check-up:

Parent-Teacher Conference Preparation

Parents and teachers are partners in the education goals set for students. You can request to meet with your child’s teacher at any point in the school year, or you may have regularly scheduled meetings scheduled. Either way, you can better plan ahead for the discussion with these grade-specific tip sheets for parent-teacher meetings:

Learning Styles

Remember that every child learns differently. You can identify your child’s unique learning style here. 

After School Programs

If your child needs supervision, mentoring or help with homework after school, there are probably low-cost opportunities nearby to offer support. You can search for local After School Programs here.

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